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Many families are out their looking for a boy child to complete their family. Some always want a baby boy after giving birth to two daughters already. Some wants a baby boy as a result of pressures from in-laws to give them a boy who would carry on the family line or maybe you just like to have a baby boy naturally. The pregnancy tips listed below are your best shot at getting a baby boy if followed strictly.

This particular pregnancy tip is for men. A man who wants a baby boy should drink coffee as it has a way of boosting sperms. Coffee gives sperms extra strength and enables them move faster in order to reach the egg successfully. It is known that the Y sperms are responsible for producing male children and the X sperms are responsible for female children; when the X sperms swim faster than the Y sperm, this will give a better chance of having a pregnancy that leads to a baby boy. The faster the sperms swim, the less they are exposed to cervix discharge which might neutralize their potency for pregnancy. The lesser the Y sperm are exposed to these discharge; the more the Y sperm will survive, thus increasing your chance to conceive a baby boy.

This next pregnancy tip is also for men. A man looking for a male child should be careful about his boxers. It is said based on research that high temperature tend to reduce the sperm count of a man. When you have a low sperm count, logically your tendency of making a woman conceive a pregnancy for you is reduced. The amount of Y and X sperms released is equal and you have to be extra careful so as to have the high number of needed sperm count. Logically, more sperm count is equal to more chances of Y sperm and this also means high chance of pregnancy of a male child.

This last pregnancy tip is for women only. Your diet during pregnancy is very important as it affects the PH level of your body. The regulation of your diet in pregnancy period determines how acidic or alkaline your body is. We mentioned above that Y sperms do not get active in acidic environment; therefore, you need to reduce the acidity of your body during pregnancy. This will increase the alkalinity of your body and will allow Y sperms to go in easily and freely survive. Eat more alkaline inducing food like Broccoli, Lettuce, Chestnuts, Almonds, and Strawberries and cut down on acid forming foods like beef, veal, corn, rice, salmon, cheese and ice creams.

Following these pregnancy tips is your best shot at conceiving a baby boy. Follow them and your dream will come true.

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