Teenage Pregnancy Risks and Consequences- Full Review

Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage Pregnancy definition is a case in which a woman gets pregnant at the age of 19 years or younger. The main cause of Teen Pregnancy is having vaginal sex with a man after puberty. According to the Teen Pregnancy survey of 2015 in America, there were 230,000 babies born to mothers of age between 15 to 19 years. Teen Pregnancy is the biggest issue in the industrialized countries.

Teenage Pregnancy Symptoms

The most common symptom of Teen Pregnancy is that that when you skin your regular period. However, if you get a very light period during that time, you will not expect yourself to be pregnant. In the first few weeks of pregnancy, light bleeding is very common. Some of the other symptoms are

  1. Very light or missed period
  2. Nausea in the morning
  3. Breast tenderness
  4. Vomiting
  5. Fainting
  6. Feeling lightheaded
  7. Weight gain
  8. Swelling abdomen
  9. Feeling tired

Teenage Pregnancy

Risks associated with Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy is not like the normal and planned pregnancy. The reason is that it happens accidentally due to which it leads to various complications and risks. Some of the common challenges that a pregnant woman has to deal with are.

1-Blood pressure

Pregnancy-associated blood pressure is the common issue that you will have to deal with during Teen Pregnancy. The mother is often tensed because of the social issues that she might have to deal with. As well as she does not often get the support from her family, friends and even boyfriend that leads to depression. High blood pressure that is not properly monitored and maintained can lead to a condition called preeclampsia. It is dangerous for the health of the mother and the baby.


During Teen Pregnancy, mothers often do not take good care of their health. In the beginning, they are not aware of their pregnancy and after that, they will not be able to maintain their diet properly. It leads to deficiency of iron in the body that leads to a condition called anemia. It will affect the growth and development of the baby. As well as using delivery after blood loss, anemia can even cause death or other serious medical conditions in mother a well.

3-Premature baby

A common issue that has been noticed in Teen Pregnancy is the premature baby. The mothers are not aware of everything related to pregnancy and they will often not visit the doctor. That is why they are unable to maintain the healthy weight of the baby and their body. This leads to premature birth. The baby can be underweighting that would lead to breathing and digestion issues. Most of the premature babies die after they are born because of severe complications. However, those who survive are very weak and vulnerable.

If you have been diagnosed with Teen Pregnancy, you will have only three options left abortion, adoption or raise the baby yourself. That is why a better option is to use proper protection while you are having sex to avoid such kind of complications.

The solution of Teenage Pregnancy

Sexual Abstinence is the only method of Preventing Teenage Pregnancy. An underage teen needs to know the consequence of its outcome. It affect her life and family.

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