Secrets About When Does Second Trimester Start That Has Never Been Revealed

First of all, Congratulation that you are almost crossed your second half journey and your baby is now quite ready to handle the outside situation. Many women’s are unable to figure out the exact question When does Second Trimester Start and when does it endBut doctors called its a “Golden Period” of a pregnant woman. Because the Good thing is that in this period most of the women’s now have a less chance for miscarriages or a labor after crossing the Second Trimester.

In this time baby’s growth is taking very fast and it will take a shape like a lemon. You will notice the movement of your baby for flipping and rolling -Oh! God, how Overwhelming is that for a mother.

When Does Second Trimester Start?

First of all, you need to know that the whole process of Pregnancy method has divided into three parts i.e. First, Second and Third Trimester. Here “Trimester” stands the part of whole pregnancy period.  If the total pregnancy period counts on 36 Weeks then Second Trimester start on approximately on 13 weeks and it will stand till 28 weeks. A mother can feel more energetic during this period.

The Must Known factors on Second Trimester Pregnancy

In broad aspects, it was true that the Second Trimester is much easier than First Trimester for a woman because of the low-risk factor. Your Pregnancy considers being safe. Lots of changes are happening to your body and baby part. Some of the Unknown factors are work during this period you should know about

•        Your baby size takes 4.5 inches long in Second Trimester Pregnancy

•        The Ears, Eyes and formal body organ taking shapes and sizes and your baby is taking breath slowly

•        Your babies fingers and toes are starting separating from each other

•        The Heart Beat rate of your baby is now much faster than yours

•        Your Babies hairs start building rapidly

•        Babies Eyebrows and Eyelashes start building

•        You definitely feel the baby kick or its movement


According to the American Pregnancy Association, In this Period the fetus has reached about 10-11 inches in length and weighs about 1 – 1 ¼ pounds.

Noticeable Symptoms in Second Trimester Pregnancy

You will Get Notice during the whole pregnancy period that Symptoms are not always consistent. It’s a feel better situation for a mother when does Second Trimester start. Because the harsh symptoms are started disappearing and you will feel more energetic.

The following Symptoms that occur in this period are

•        Start noticing that Symptoms like Nausea, Vomiting, and Morning Sickness are gone slowly.

•        You are more hungry for foods at this time

•        Your body weight gain about 1.5kg to 2Kg on every month of Second Trimester

•        Stretch marks on the belly are started to appear

•        The uterus is starting to expand and it will take an oval shape

•        Leg pain or Leg cramping is also a major symptom especially when you sleep

•        You will feel some heat burn also.

•        Your nipples will become now darker in color.

Some Precaution You can Take in the Second Trimester

Of Course, a mother can only feel its important when she crossed a half on her journey. A healthy Pregnancy is most important for reducing life risk factors. Mamas should know what to do and what not to do in the second trimester. Some of the best Precautions for your developing baby

•        Exercise regularly and always check your weight. If you gain weight rapidly must go to a doctor.

•        Drink lots of Water to maintain a healthy fetus

•        Eat high fiber vegetables(Avoid Papaya), Grains, healthy fruits(Avoid Pineapples), Fishes, Soybeans etc.

•        Continue to Take the vitamin, Iron tablets as prescribed by your Doctor.

•        You can do some meditation and Yoga for  relieving from tension

•        Do not smoke, avoid alcohol or any types of Drugs.

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What is the test that Your Doctor may Provide in the Second Trimester

Well in this period Doctors advise a mother for regular checkups and some tests are performed for the safeties of your baby. Such as

•        Doctors may check your weight and Blood Pressure level

•        Definitely perform an ultrasound for seeing the inner atmosphere and baby growth

•        When does second trimester start many doctors provide an anomaly scan for looking whether the baby’s body parts are developed in a proper way or are there any immaturity seen

•        Blood test for Checking Diabetics and Iron level

•        In some rare cases, doctors may have to check your Amniocentesis.

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Note:- Remember Some Countries have the Law against Babies Gender Detection during Pregnancy.

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Do the Needful in the Second Trimester and Prepare for a Healthy New Born

Yes, it’s still a long way left from delivery but you may do some basic needful things and make the third trimester less stressful.  Here is something you can do now for your Healthy New Born

•        Watch Basic Pregnancy Videos from Youtube(ad link), Daily Motion, Vimeo for amusing

•        Educate yourself on Parental classes

•        Do Yoga Listen to Good Music

•        Visit the nursery classes for the newborn baby

•        Choose Your baby name


It is not a big deal to a mother on when does second trimester start but its a matter to set a goal on her own Lifestyle for Delivering a Healthy Newborn baby at any cost. Because at the end of the Day it does the matter.

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